Pediatric Dentistry- Dental Services

Pediatric Exams

Exams are recommended at age 1, or when first tooth comes in. In addition to looking for tooth decay and any other pathology, we will evaluate tooth spacing and consider if a consultation with an orthodontist is necessary.


The "tooth tickler” and amazing flavors of toothpaste you never thought possible will be part of your child’s great cleaning experience.

Oral Health & Nutritional Counseling

We will make sure that you have the knowledge and the right techniques and resources to ensure that your child has the best oral health possible. We will also review your child’s diet in relation to their oral health and help to optimize it. We also have a dietitian on staff and can coordinate an in-depth consultation with advanced notice.

Fluoride Treatments

Topical fluoride applied in the office lowers cavity-causing oral bacterial levels and repairs and strengthens teeth. Research has shown almost a 40% reduction in cavities in children from professionally applied fluoride treatments.

Digital Radiographs

By using digital sensors, we can use a fraction of the radiation that traditional dental radiographs require. Additionally, our panoramic images allow us to see almost everything we need to see in one easy picture as opposed to the 20+ small pictures taken by other offices. The resulting radiation exposure from a whole new set of images is roughly equivalent to the background radiation dose from living in Bozeman for less than a week.

Treatment of Decay (Including Tooth Colored Fillings, Pediatric Crowns, etc)

While we hope that your child won’t have to take advantage of these services, we will do our best to make sure that they have a positive experience. Our staff does an amazing job of keeping things fun and we have had more than a few kids comment, “When can I come back?”

Treatment When Child Is Sleeping (General Anesthesia)

Some young children that have extensive decay benefit from having their treatment done under general anesthesia. We work with an anesthesiologist in our office or at Bozeman Deaconess Hospital depending on your child's unique needs.

Athletic Mouth Guards

A little prevention can go a long way . . . protect your child’s teeth while they participate in the sports they love. We work with our lab to produce custom sports guards either in clear or in a variety of colors and patterns.

Special Needs Patients

Patients with cognitive or physical disabilities can have unique dental needs. We have experience interacting with and treating patients with special needs and we find it very rewarding. Some special needs patients just need some extra attention, while others may require some type of sedation dentistry depending on the severity of their disability. (See sedation dentistry)


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