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We specialize in high-end cosmetic and general dentistry for the whole family. With a solid commitment to continuing dental education and current developments, the Mint* Dental team offers, but is not limited to the following services:


In addition to classic “hand scaling,” we utilize an ultrasonic scaler in all of our cleanings. We can often do a more thorough job than was possible with old techniques, while being far gentler on your gums and teeth.

Invisalign Braces

Whether you've stopped wearing your retainers years ago and your teeth slumped back to their old ways or you have never had braces before and just want straight teeth now.

Sedation Dentistry

Several different sedation options are available to you; they differ in ease of administration, predictability, depth of sedation, and cost. We can describe the pros and cons of each during your exam.
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We are committed to a strong, healthy community through outreach projects and support of local non-profits' community projects. Our goal is to provide patients of all ages a refreshing dental experience through tailored and conservative treatment in a relaxed & comfortable environment.
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